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flying today

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It is the variation that causes problems for us.

If the wind is a steady 10mph and direction you will have an awesome flight. (laminer air)

If there is a high variation, say... 5mph to 10mph and its changing direction your flight is unlikely to be fun.

If in doubt...

Stay on the ground.


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well its givin 8 to ten mile this morn droppin to 8 this aft showing westerlies looked on met check xc weather wind guru and met office and all showin the same give a mile per hour in difference? no gusts given, wise to go to field at dinner and have a brew and watch it?

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8-10 should be fine. Launching will probably be the hardest part, although if you have kited in similar winds, you shouldn't have a problem. I will say though, make sure you are fully committed to your launch and get the wing overhead good and smartly. One of my near disasters was due to a poor launch in strong(ish) wind, where the wing got only about half way up and I was blown backwards, onto my back and dragged.

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ohh yes i can believe that looking out now the wind has totally dropped off now that is a concern cos ya dont know whats comin i wil go field for a hour at dinner and kite a bit see how it pans out

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