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Gusts, don't you just hate them?

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There I was, all set for a nice reverse launch. The wing pop's up nice

and easy, but minor c**k up, I turn the wrong way and twist the

risers. Just a moment to do a full 360, but it was long enough for the

wing to drop behind me. It's at this point that the wind God's decided

to have a laugh at my expense and blew a quick hooley my way. It

started to pick me up so I hit the gas (which gave me just a fraction

of a second of thinking time. I then hit the kill switch, about a

nano-second before landing flat on my back like the proverbial dying

fly. Not content with that, I start to get dragged too. Almost

instinctively I released one of the carabiners, as pulling the brakes

was doing nothing. Having got everything under control and extracted

myself from the motor, there was good news and bad news;

The good news was that the cage was only slightly out of shape, and

the only marks on the prop were from being dragged (I'd hit the kill

button not a moment too soon).

The bad news is that the 'comfort' J bars that plug into the

monocoque, despite being steel, are bent to hell and back, so

replacements are required.

Bother damn and blast! :oops::oops:

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Soz to hear you dinked your motor... :-(

Letting go of one brake and pulling the other in and in until you have fabric in your hand is about the quickest way to stop getting dragged.


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