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Edel reserve from RAD


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Anyone know which reserve model RAD used to supply (think it's an edel but which model?).

I bought my RAD MXL package from someone who had originally bought from RAD around 2003. The package included a reserve which hadn' t been repacked since new. I've repacked my Gin One G free flying reserve at a club repack so thought I'd have a go at repacking this one myself.

Threw it in the garden looked fine. The container says Edel on it so I assume the reserve is Edel but nowhere on the chute is there any identification of the model. The canopy is half white, half khaki (ie a semi-circle of each). I'm having trouble re-packing it - anyone know what reserve model RAD supplied around 2003? Hoping to download some instructions.

I may give up and send it off to be professionally re-packed but I'd still like to know so I can perhaps download the instructions for future use.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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Doe sit have loops sewn into the seems half way from the leading edge to the centre? And what is the number of gores (panels) and the size of the hole at the centre? Finally I am assuming it has a central line that pulls down the centre, please confrim this?

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Hiya Francis,

Yet it is a pull down apex type so has a middle line.

No such loops that you describe.

20 Gores - 13 White and 7 khaki so my 'semi circle of each' in my first post was not quite accurate.

Diameter of hole in the top of the chute is approx 1 metre (hard to measure as the lines prevent it being stretched to its full diameter).


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Here is a generic HowTo for a PDA reserve of thetype you describe. The absence of packing loops makes it difficult to pack on you own. Much easier with two people. Where the above refers to "packingloops" the second person has to pinch the crown on the gore tapes for each gore as you "flake" them between you. (thatmakes sense after you have read the above!)

If you are not confident you can do this please do send it to someone with a BHPA re-packers certificate. If you send it to someone like the Loft they will probably identify it acurately and may let you have a copy of the manual.

If you are coming to the Lambourn Do I could take a look at it with you if you like. I'm sure we could rustle up a table or ground sheet. Where are you? I will be near Gatwick tomorrow and Sunday.

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