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landing too fast


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I normally land with the engine off. However most of the time especially in no wind condition I would have difficulty slowing down resulting in landing on my butt . Is it because I brake too early (20-30 feet agl)? How do I get the "air cushion" by having the engine on for landing ?

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These are the thought of a novice, so please consider them in that light.

1) Presumably you mean you are starting to brake at 20-30ft, not that you are pulling on max brake to flare? If so, that sounds ok, with max brake at maybe 4-6ft

2) Coming in under power you will be making a flatter approach. Your forward velocity will be greater than a glide approach, and then, again at about 4-6ft you'd use full brake to convert the energy into lift to cushion your landing. I'd have though caution would be advised as there would be a risk of the extra lift 'ballooning' you with the consequent risk of a full stall at height.

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This is the same question as in this thread.

http://paramotorclub.org/forum/viewtopi ... highlight=

and applies to all landings in light or nil wind on all paragliding typoe wings, I think.

You need to understand that your ground speed is irrelevant until you step onto the ground!

Your trainer would have (should have ) taken you through theory to determine "Speed To Fly" and Airspeed, Ground Speed , Stall speed etc.

I disagree with the advice to apply brake at 20 to 30 ft. Exactly the opposite is required at that point in ligh twinds, you need to speed up if anything! you need to be flying at the "max glide" (shallowest slope) for your glider. Yes the ground is rushing ppast at much too high a speed to run at but you are not landing yet! Landing happens in the last second of the flight and that is when you flare. Some gliders (e.g. the Revo) need a progressive flare to first level off then land. Some gliders e.g my tandem, need a "swing through" to reduce forward speed enough to land safely and this has t be timed precisely so you are landing at the top of the swing. They all need plenty of airspeed to do this and in light winds this means very high ground speeds until you actually flare.

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