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Adventure F3


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Well there are probably more Solo 210 engines in service than any other single other paramotor motor. Solid and pretty reliable, if perhaps a little underpowered with reference to their capacity than some modern offerings. They benefit from an oversized head and a tuned exhaust which can boost output a little. The tuned exhaust also mutes the exhaust note, almost like a four stroke in tone.

The Adventure units are nice, and quite ergonomic. much more 'organic' in shape than most others with a fibre-glass monocoque forming the main structure, rather than tubular metalwork. Whether you like that or not is down to personal taste, but it does have the advantage of keeping the fuel tank very well protected from the prop.

The cage, being a very lightweight aluminium structure is a known weak point, and you can expect to bend it quite badly if a heavy landing includes contact between the frame and ground. I'm investigating having someone manufacture a complete stainless replacement for mine.

There is a known weakness on the early models redrive support which was rectified on later ones by changing out some simple pillar mounts with an 'H' support that combines both the rearmost redrive supports in one piece.

The protective netting is quite large in it's spacing, thus increasing the risk of a brake handle going into the prop. This is easily rectified with some heavy fishing line woven on the diagonal to the original squares.

The deluxe harness has plenty of space either for padding or camping gear if you fancy a bit of Vol-biv.

When combined with a Swing Arcus in XL, my F3 managed to get my 113kg into the air exactly one week ago for the very first time.

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High Energy Ignition System is a distinct advantage. Many units are quite long in the tooth now and expect a lot of cracking in the fibreglass monocoque. By todays standards they are a generation out of date and underpowered but for the right price they can still provide good fun.

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