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does anyone have any idea about the difference in thrust and tork with two and three blade props i have a walkerjet with two blade wood prop and maybe will get a three blade carbon if it is worth it as in less tork more thrust maybe less noice? what are the benefits or not benifits?

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If only it was that simple!

Diameter, aspect ratio, spanwise pitch distribution , chord profile, taper, rpm, tip speed, mass flow, power curve, thats just the start of the list. It goes on with "delta vee" and "inflow area", differentiation of upstream and downstream velocities...........gaaaaaah

Oh yes, number of blades and their construction as you mentioned.

Two ways to tackle this, buy one and see if you like the result.

Do the calculations (I have a spreadsheet from Marc de Piloenc I can lend you - let me know if you can figure it out)

Either way I suspect Waker Jet have already found the best prop for their unit.

You might check to see if you actually do have their prop and not just some random replacement. :roll::roll::roll:


Just been looking at walker jet website. It seems they should be running a three bladed carbon prop........in which case, in answer to your original question, in all probability yes the unit will perform much better with the correct prop.

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well some explanation well above me lol but greatly apreciated i aint sure which it has on its a wood prop so yes i think i will get the carbon three blade one they do i was just curious if it will make little or lot of difference i think they are a few hundred pound didnt wanna spend it just to try it type thing but great answer i will study that one a bit lol

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