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wing signwriting?

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i kept this post sep from my other as i didnt want to complicate matters..

i have a brand new unflown wing paramania revolution 30 and would like some graphics / lettering applied -- i believe i cant use it to promote my business so im gonna put my name or my fave drink coca cola.... but if i could get a graphic id go marmite!!!!

im sure i read something somewhere about this but cant find it??

can anyone advise me on where to go to have it done... or anyone do it from here???

thanks once more.

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You have asked in the best place!

Magnus from RA Smart is your man. Full colour graphics (done all of the logos for the Tip to Tip wings.

Could print whatever you liked on to Sticky wing.


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thanks for the reply magnus, il be in touch...

i read about it here...http://www.americanparagliding.com/wingart.htm

it states

Everyone knows about the basics spelled out in FAA part 103. Ultralights are to be used for "sport purposes only." Okay, so we fly two-seaters for "training purposes only" and we only fly "trainees," right? No "rides" for hire, no aerial photography, no advertising – those are the rules.

i suppose its a little down to interpretation.... or at least thats what id say if questioned!!

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yes, I cam across that when I investigated it & when I read the following I pretty decided putting awebsite on is fine:

'Identifying an aircraft is perfectly legal. If you put your name on your chute, it would signify that the chute belongs to you and would be no different than putting a name tag on a shirt. If you or your company own the aircraft, and you put an identifying mark, such as a company name, logo, web address, or the like, chances are no one will bother you. A phone number is usually okay. But sometimes you may need to register the phone number as a "Service Mark" or SM, to be a legal "identifier."

Crossing the line comes when you start putting messages on the chute that are not part of your logo. For example, "Eat At Joes," unless that is the actual name of the restaurant, would imply advertising, and would probably be looked at as being illegal by most FSDOs. It goes beyond identification and into the realm of sending a message, which is advertising'


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