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Advance Alpha 6 Size 28 Wing

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I'm selling my Advance Alpha 6 wing. It has less then 5 hours use and has not been flown since the Loft undertook a full service on it in March last year (2023). As you can see from the photos and loft report, it is in very good condition.


I bought the wing direct from my instructor (former British Paragliding Champion, Steve Purdie or Airworks on the South Downs), he had used it as a demonstrator and it had less then 2 hours use when I bought it. I've put about 3 hours on it before a ladder accident has left me unable to paraglide or use my paramotor (also for sale, see other lisitings).


I'm selling it with its original comfort pack, stuff pack, speed bar and lines plus an aftermarket "Skywalker" quick packing bag. Plus all lines and risers etc (of course)!


The wing is simply lovely and very easy to fly but also great fun.  A quick Google of the wing will tell you everything you need to know. This is size 28 so it is also suitable for paramotoring with a total all up weight of 150kg.

New they are between £2700 and £3000. Given this has barely flown and has the backing of a Loft report and service, I think you'll be getting a bargain. Buy it now for £1400 or best offer. 

For sale here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/305443492630


Thanks and happy landings! Neil

Also selling an EOS 150 paramotor, a Supair Rando 2 harness, a Gin Glite reserve parachute, and an Icaro Solar x helmet.





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