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Ground handling

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Just remembered that someone asked why I let go of the brake handles, whilst reverse handling, andtook hold of the lines, above the pulleys instead. Also then you have control of the right brake in the left hand and left brake in the right.

The answer is, I like to practice both. The one where holding the lines is handy to stop you from twisting out into forward mode involuntarily. For example, when walking over cars and up the side of your van. Well you need something to do whilst waiting for lighter wind. Also , you get more feel, therefor making your response better. Without the brakes in your hands, it's also easier to go round pulling A's, to D's and brakes in lots of sequences until it becomes instinctive. You never know when that's going to be handy. I'm no expert yet but the first person I saw use the technique was my BHPA instructor, Andrew Pearse, when he was flying off the mountains in the French Alps, backwards. Just make sure you get good at finding the handles again when you do take off and twist out..!


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