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Flying in North Ayrshire.

Sandy Cameron

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Hi Guys - great sport the ParaMotors.

Just a word of caution - light aircraft (primarily from Prestwick Airport but also Strathaven Airfield,) fly regularly up the coast eg heading for the Bute Airstrip or going north onward to Oban and Mull (Glenforsa) or even just on a local trip, or training trip. Usually flying at 1500 - 2500 feet above sea level (QNH set on the Altimeter) but climbing after Irvine to 2000 ft + to clear the Hunterston Power Station Zone.

You know how hard it is to spot other aircraft .... if you ain't radio equipped and talking to Prestwick Tower (118.150 ) or Prestwick Approach (129.450 ) or even Safetycom on 135.480) - others may not know you are around.

Play it safe, ----  if you are in the area Hunterston - West Kilbride - Saltcoats  - to Irvine ....

-- BEFORE YOU FLY ... Phone Prestwick ---

Air Traffic Control on 01292-511107 and let them know when you intend to be airborne and after you are back on the ground.

They will be pleased to hear from you, so that they can warn any aircraft going north out of Prestwick and returning from the north to Prestwick  that you are likely to be around, for both your and the other aircraft's safety ...

- we & they want to ensure  avoiding  any midairs !!  Usually light aircraft fly  at not above 2000 ft on the QNH till clear of Prestwick's Controlled Airspace,  then climbing to 2000 + to clear the Hunterston Zone.

Flying north we stay inboard of the sea shore and offshore when coming south.

There can also be a light aircraft flying out of a farm strip at Stevenston !

Like us, keep a good look out, and if on radio, use it to alert others of your prescence - otherwise, please phone ATC to let them know when you are going up there -- ALL FOR SAFETY - NONE OF US WANT MEET, BY INADVERTENTLY BUMPING  INTO EACH OTHER !!

Thanks for reading this. ......... Sandy - out of Prestwick.

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