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SOLD - Parajet Maverick – Moster 185 Plus – 10L Tank – L/XL Harness – Includes Reserve Parachute


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Parajet Maverick – Moster 185 Plus – 10L Tank – L/XL Harness – Includes Reserve Parachute

After a lot of debate, along with the realisation that I don’t get to fly this amazing machine as much as I would have liked, I have decided to make the move and sell it to someone who will. Most of the description for this listing is covered within the condition section, however its worth noting here that apart from selling the paramotor in this listing, I also had a rebar frame made and painted specifically for transporting the Parajet Maverick (see pictures), the frame allows you to transport the Maverick in a car (similar to a BMW 1 Series or Mercedes A-Class for reference) with the harness pointing to the ground without the weight of the Maverick putting any undue stress on the frame and harness. This will be included in the listing price. For all other items I’m selling, see below:

•    Dudek Universal 1.1 Wing – 28m – Earth Colour
•    Icaro Solar X Helmet – Built-In Sena Bluetooth Communication – Carbon Black - Large
•    Dudek Windsock and High-Performance Pole - 10m
•    Gin Glider Flight Deck – 10L
•    SkyBean Chase Cam – For GoPro Hero 5/6/7
•    Ponsa Safety Harness (used for ground handling)
•    Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme – PMR Radios – Dual Pack

The Maverick was purchased from new and delivered at the beginning of 2018 (through Simon at Paramotor Club UK) along with the Dudek Globe Light 135kg reserve parachute. In the time I’ve had the Maverick I have only managed to accumulate 21hrs of flight time, meaning the Maverick is still very young in its life. The overall Paramotor is in good condition and has been well looked after, there have been no crashes or engine failures since purchase. There are only two notes to make on the general wear and tear of the Paramotor; one being a very minor mark on one of the propellers (see picture) which happened in the first couple of hours of flight. It has been looked at and doesn’t require any action to be taken, due to the size and how close it is to the hub - therefore not creating any vibrations or imbalances during flight. The other note to make is a fix to one of the netting joins to the outer cage hoop, a couple of netting threads came away from the join and has been glued to hold it in place, I noticed this on the 5th flight and the fix has kept it in place ever since – again this has been looked at and doesn’t require any action to be taken, due to not affecting the integrity of the rest of the netting.

The exhaust on the Vittorazi Moster 185 usually gets a lot of ‘stick’ from the community for cracking, but the exhaust fitted to my Maverick has been absolutely perfect, no cracking or excessive oil leaking. I have been using a corrosion protection spray on the exhaust for a while, just due to where the paint has worn away from the metal body, but otherwise the exhaust has been fine, I even purchased an extra bushing and spring kit just in case, but I haven’t been required to use it yet.



Listing Includes
•    Parajet Maverick, including:
•    Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus Engine (with carbon cooling shroud)
•    1.25m E-Prop 2-blade Carbon Propeller
•    Parajet Throttle Handle (blue)
•    Parajet Snap-Fit Netting System (blue)
•    10L Parajet Fuel Tank
•    L/XL Parajet Harness (I’m 6ft tall and fits perfectly)
•    Dudek Globe Light 135kg Reserve Parachute (fitted right-hand side)
•    Tachometer - Runleader RL-HM035T (fitted to throttle handle)
•    Fuel Mirror (attached to left-hand side pocket)
•    Parajet Manuals (physical and digital copies)
•    Vittorazi Manuals (physical and digital copies)
•    Parajet Netting Storage Bag
•    Vittorazi Reduction Wrench
•    Parajet Tool Bag
•    Vittorazi Bushing and Spring Set (new)
•    Fuel Funnel
•    Castrol Power1 Racing Oil (half full)
•    Custom Rebar Transport Cage

Collection Only
Bordon, Hampshire


Please feel free to ask any questions! (Contact me via the Forum Private Messaging)

Technical Specification
For technical information, please check out the Parajet website, https://parajet.com/paramotor/parajet-maverick/


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