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Where to start???.

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I recently did a sky dive which in turn got me interested in paramotor watching Tucker Gott etc.

I'm keen to learn next year and live in Warrington (Northwest).

I have seen a local club in Manchester and a course in Spain.

My main worry 're the sport is will I be limited where to fly and obviously the UK weather will limit things as already happens to me with my other hobbys motorcycling and drone flying.

Any advice would be gratefully received

Thanks Pete.

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Flying days in the UK were more frequent than I expected, especially if you can be flexible and do mornings and evenings.  Often, you can watch low pressure systems and fronts go through and know that there will be an area of calm before the next one arrives.

Spain looks fantastic, especially beach flying, where light winds are the norm and even a breeze on the beach tends to be less gusty.

Obviously Southern England is better than the North in that respect, but there are many northern PPGs who enjoy the sport.

One thing to be aware of is that if you train in the easier Spanish conditions,, you may find it quite difficult in UK conditions, though if I had my time again (knowing what I know now), I think I would have done a course in Spain at outset.

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Thanks for your reply , I have contacted Mid Wales PPG centre via ebay and looks like I can do their Costa Blanca course in May 2019.

The temps are not so high then 19-22 degrees c but hopefully I can complete in the week.

A guy local to me has kindly offered to (Phil) let me meet him for a chat advice etc and to see how he flies so I'm looking forward to that and ordered a book on Sunday so slowly getting the ball rolling.

Thanks again chaps for the input.


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