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Hello all,

I've got an idea about a propeller design, I was hoping to find someone who has designed their own propellers in the past, to ask a few questions about propeller design. I've got an aerospace education, I can catch on with a bit of pointers, but I'm feeling ridiculously dumb right now - I can design a wing with reasonable accuracy, and a propeller is for all intents and purposes a rotating wing, but I can't seem to put two and two together. Also, since the propeller is conceptually much different from any propeller I've ever seen, it's unlikely that I'll find someone to manufacture it for any reasonable price, so if anyone has any experience crafting composite propellers, any advice would be much appreciated. It's very much theoretical right now - I've looked all over the web, and can't find a similar propeller design anywhere. That could mean that I'm completely wasting my time, or it could mean that I'm onto something really cool =).

Anyhow - people who are familiar with propeller design and manufacturing, I'm looking forward to speaking with you guys!

mishaparem AT mail DOT ru

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