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Some Rating news. (from Paramania site)


Paramania Revolution 26m2 and 28m2 sizes have passed DMSV – B The first reflex wings with the largest trim range (slow and fast) to be certified. DMSV are currently certifying the Revolution 30 and Action GT 26 and 28!

Paramania is the only manufacturer to certify with such a large weight range! Allowing for larger selection of wing sizes for a wider range of PPG and trike pilots.

The DMSV are the first certification body to create a valid paramotor certification in accordance to German LBA (German CAA) and European standards. Establishing themselves as an association of professional paramotor test pilots.... Click on read more

DMSV Team will be joining us to introduce to you in person their new certification at the European Safety Seminars next weekend!

The flight exams (manoeuvres & flight tests) are performed exclusively using a paramotor (with and without thrust) testing with trimmers opened and closed (slow & fast). Tests include behavior in turns, pitch stability, 360 turns, spiraling, brake travel up to stall point, take-off and landing characteristics.

Certified by paramotor pilots for the paramotor pilots!

Full list of test-pilots can be found here .

With an objective team DMSV has listened to our opinions & technical advice in order to fulfil their main goal of getting reflex wings certified in Germany – which so far has simply not been possible due to the negative politics of the DULV.

According to the DULV paramotor wings have to stay within DHV 1 category in order to be certified!

Paramania’s original aim was to educate the DULV and their test pilot Stephan Schuler on how reflex wings worked and how it would be possible to integrate a new method of testing into their system. Unfortunately, they ignored our technical advice and recommendations and so far no objective changes have been made.

However after a progressive year the DMSV are now able to offer a more specified test exam and are able to certify reflex wings!

So after several years of DULV obstruction German ppg pilots are finally able to fly the best paramotor wings! join FAI international competitions and pilots can now get insurance to fly our wings!

Powerglider wing loading

The advantage is that our powergliders have been certified with huge weight ranges and so can take heavier loads (for the likes of heavy weights and trikes etc :-)

When we designed the Revolution and Action GT our designer was thinking way ahead of time, knowing that the trend would be to load up the wings for a different type of flying type.

eg. The heavier wing loading > more dynamic > more speed etc.....

The lighter the wing loading > less dynamic > lighter handling etc…

For me this is great news after the number of people who responded to this petition... www.paramotorclub.org/petition

The PPG Community have needed a PPG test for years, and now at last it is here. :D

Well done to all involved!


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eg. The heavier wing loading > more dynamic > more speed etc.....

subject to the law of diminishing returns :P

I think the increase in speed is a ratio of the square roots of the loads difference? ...ish??

so yes a bit more speed but smaller increases as the load gets bigger.

(just saying "dont rush out and buy the smallest glider you can just for the extra speed" - in case anyone was thinking of a world record speed attempt or anything - do the maths carefully)

Ahhhh but what fantastic news about the certification and the insurability element will be an increasingly important issue for pilots across Europe.

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