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Hirth F33, no spark


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Hello, I would appreciate some advice/info on Hirth F33 ignition.
I own Hirth F33, with single ignition and there is no spark. Spark plug is new, high voltage cable between CDI and spark plug is also OK, so it looks there is a problem in primary coli or CDI(high voltae coil)
I have measured resistance on the primary coil btw ground and red wire going to CDI (marked with 1 on diagram) and it's 180 ohm, also when pulling starting rope voltage btw red wire and ground is up to 22 V which looks low?

I have measured high voltage coil (which is within CDI) so this is resistance btw wire going to the spark plug and ground (marked with 2 on diagram) and it is 904 ohm which should be OK I guess?
So, it looks like it is primary coil, but I would like to be sure so if anyone knows correct values, I would appreciate it.

Hirth 14A 139.pdf

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