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Launch sites in kent?


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Hi, I live in kent, gravesend/northfleet and I am starting my trainging next month.

I have been searching around, calling up councils  and emailing different farms, parks, open area fields ect but am struggling to find places available to launch from. Can any body from kent reccomened any sites to take off and land from that are available in the area or surrounding area please? Thank you.

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Hi Liam - Any luck in finding launch sites. I have bought my equipment (wing will arrive in 2 weeks) and I am also looking for launch site as well. I live in east london and would be great if i can find any site close by.


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Hi, I know a couple of people who are part of the same group who know some launch sites around kent, dover,  sittingbourne way but I have still got to finish my training my self as the weather has been rubbish recently. We managed to start it and then the weather turned for the next few weeks. Hoping to get back down swindon and carry on with it next weekend again as its a bit of a drive from kent. When I am up my self and know some places for sure I will let you know, no problem.

drop me a message on here next month or something to remind me as when I have finished with my training I will be meeting my mate who lives in dover and flys over this way sometimes I think. 


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