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Aviation headset and 2M radio


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Hey everyone, I've got a aviation headset (the .25 and the .203 plugs) and a 2M radio (baofeng UV-5R, along with the appropriate FCC license).  I'd like to be able to use the headset with the radio.  My understanding is that the headset is much higher impedance than the radio, so an adapter wouldn't be as simple as wiring to connect the right wires together from each.  Has anyone made an adapter for a setup like this?

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It depends upon what type of microphone is used in the headset. Older aviation headsets use carbon mics which will not work with your Baofeng. Also, aviation headsets use a separate wire for PTT.  The Baofeng does not.  So your headset can be made to work with your radio, but there may be some work involved.

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