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Latest Paramania Revo 3


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Looking at the contents supplied with the latest Paramania Revo3. They have really made an effort and the quality of materials, all feels really good. 

It's like a Christmas hamper in a wing bag.


We have:

1. the wing itself 

2. Securing strap 

3. Nice Riser bag 

4. inner wing bag 

5. quick pack target bag

6. the main rucksack 

7. a full set of spare main lines 

8. set of spare parts (plastic line guides, leading edge bars, brake handle stiffness, sticky fabric etc)

9. speed bar with lines & brummells all attached

10. a t-shirt.


Nicely padded Paramania logo brake toggles are rolling on decent sized harken pulleys. 

The risers feel really good quality. Lots of effort made here. Easy to see if your A's are in the correct hands by clever use of a split target logo. The speed trimmer is really tough looking webbing through a quality clamp, I cannot for see any slipping in the future. The magnets on the brake handles, look the same as last year, except the magnets I am sure feel stronger. A great improvement. They lock in and feel secure. 

Genuinely well impressed. Top of the line stuff applied to a beginner intermediate wing. 

I have flown the Revo3 before so won't really go into that. It flys, slow & fast, it's stable, has a huge speed range. A great all rounder that does what it should without fuss all while giving confidence to the pilot.

Wing construction has improved even further. It has taped seams, lots of reinforcing, slightly over built and will last a long time. 

Well done to Paramania, feels like they have been listening to pilots and dealers, plus some added extras. See pics.








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