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Ultralight modular harnesses that do both PG and PPG?


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I know that the mounting points are different, but I don't see any technical reason why a harness can't be made with two different mounting points, one for PG and another for PPG.

My dream harness:

Super lightweight like the Gin Yeti.

Modular like the Kortel Kuik II (you can add a backpack, a cocoon, an airbag, etc)

Use it by itself for PG.

Mount it to a motor and frame and use it for PPG.

Pair this with an ultralight wing that can do both PPG and PG and you've got a really serious setup for travel and fly.

Does something like this exist?

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I looked at taking a GIN yeti, the previous wide shoulder version and adding extra loops to fit paramotor. Yes it is possible. Comfort, don't know, didn't get that far along. Air Conception released a lighter harness, so I didn't bother to continue with the project. 

Im now thinking of going the other way. I do more PPG and free flying, so to me it makes more sense to add traps to make ppg harness ready for free flying.

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Actually, the riser mounting points probably don't matter at all right? The carabiners for mounting on a PPG is on the engine chassis itself (swingarms, J bars, etc). The PG mounting spots will be on the PG harness.

So yeah, adding extra loops to fit the Yeti onto a PPG chassis would be the best bet. 

I personally think my PG split leg harness (Kortel Kuik II) is way more comfortable than my PPG harness. And you can add a cocoon onto it as well since it's modular. 

I think a good, lightweight, modular PG harness mounted onto a PPG will be better, even if you mostly do PPG.

I feel like a PG harness used for PPG would be rubbish because they don't have mount points (at least mine doesn't) and they don't have an airbag.

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