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  1. Hi and thanks very much for your reply. I saw your avatar saying that you are an instructor and I'd like to ask your opinion about how difficult it is to learn how to fly one of these? Thank you for the welcome!!
  2. Hello Everyone, I just joined your site and I'm hoping that some of the experts on here will be able to help me with a few things. I have never used a paramotor in my life and so I will need to buy one if I'm going to be involved in this sport. I have looked at so many sites online, all offering different things, from the best paramotors, the best triggers, wings and it got to the point where I got so confused because I had nothing to compare it to the things I was looking at? Can anyone give me the name of a good complete paramotor sets that would have everything I would mostly need to get started? I've looked at Black Hawk, ParaJet Kits(which did look appealing as far as esthetics are concerned) and some others, but again I don't know what to look for in a good paramotor that wouldn't be constantly breaking down or giving me problems. Then there is the training that's needed. I live in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area and would like to know if anyone knows where the better trainers are located in my area that aren't the fly by night type guys just trying to make a buck and then leave town. I think you know the type I mean? So if anyone can advise me about these things and what to look for I'd be very appreciative. Thanks for your consideration and help.
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm new to this site, or any site for that matter. and I would like to ask some of the experts on here what they would recommend as far as a starting out paramotor? I've read a little about them and have read, on average they last about 400 hours? I currently weigh 225 lbs. and I'm 5'11" tall. I'm not sure if my height would be of concern though? As I said I'm just a beginner and have never used one before. I also read where there isn't much of a market for used paramotors so I think it would make more sense in buying a fairly good new one that would last a few years rather than buy something that may be in good shape, but I would be unable to sell it when I wanted something better. Any help or advice you can offer me will be greatly appreciated, Thank you
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