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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I was thinking that it would be good to do a week abroad and then the test here. But that would be close to £2700 to train rather than £1350 here. Would be great to see schools offer the best of both. Also mixed opinions on practising kiting. I have a friend who is an experienced paraglider pilot and has a ground handling wing. Would you suggest kiting practice under his tuition? Or leave it to the Paramotor instructors when taking lessons.
  2. Hi All, Before I start, I would rather hear from students and not instructors if possible. After four years of looking I am finally looking to take the plunge and get training in the coming months. As with all new pilots comes the dilemma of where is best to train. There is so much conflicting opinion from instructors. 'don't train in the UK, it will take ages' and then 'don't train abroad, training is no good and you don't get UK experience'. It's melting my mind a bit, places like Portugal are more expensive, but great weather wise. The UK is an hour's drive to the site and the weather is changeable, but you get as much training as you need to pass. I'm not on an endless budget, but also want to be flying within a reasonable time frame! So - £1350 for the UK, endless lessons and then use of site until confident. Or - £2400 for abroad, get hopefully as much experience as possible, and then not so much support when home. I will have the use of a farm and also a private airfield when I am happy to fly on my own. Apologies for the repeat, I have looked at all the other threads, which seem to be more fighting over quality of instruction.
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