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  1. Embarrassingly .....no I haven’t.... I made a Tester and keep meaning to do it.....honestly.....I will get on it. I did do my 100 hour service though and the piston looked ok ....cleaned the head etc tightened everything back up....it ran a bit better after that.....it was about 120 odd hours I did it if I’m honest. I think I have been running a little more oil in the fuel following that service, there were signs (well to me at least) she had been running a little hot and lean....at times. Pop off pressure on the to do list!
  2. Thanks guys less than 4 litres an hour on mine would be nice ... Reportaire or Nuc xx hmmm
  3. Thanks Folks, I had read that stuff about the Solo on the sales page..... Shame that Paramania don't still make the GTX or GTR I have been tempted by the Nuc XX but again the efficiency thing....my Moster chews through at least 5 to 6L an hour on the Syntesis 2 I use slightly less when i fly my Revo 2 but that wing is massive up to 220kg! Hmmm....
  4. So, I have been flying my Dudek Synthesis 2 for quite a while now, but am thinking of looking to upgrade as it were....I am looking for something slightly quicker and more agile, but still decent for XC.....what suggests would you folks have? Not really interested at this stage of going full warp speed! I have looked at the Dudek Solo but that to me seems would be more of a sideways step? I do like the Dudek wings but I don't think they make it all that clear as to their range progression..apart from this wing is good for beginners and this wing (if you can launch it ) is going to kill you if you fart incorrectly while flying.... What about the middle ground? What would you go for?
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