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  1. View Advert mac para 25 meter wing for sale this is the first wing i owned. it's the Mac Para Charger. i learned how to kite on this wing and have flown about 15 hours on it as well. great wing to learn how to fly on. i store the wing in my climate controlled house. comes with bag, patch material and speedbar. Advertiser lordgoonther Date 14/04/20 Price £1,821.53 Category Wings
  2. Macpara 25 meter charger paramotor wing. has some kiting time and about 16 hours flight time. Easy wing to launch on no wind days. Its a B rated wing so its a good wing for beginners or intermediate pilote. has been stored in a temperature controlled environment. wing in excellent shape. comes with sack to carry/store wing. extra material for patching wing. it is the blue/orange color charger. If interested call 904-669-8435 you will find all the information from the manufacturer in the link below. https://www.macpara.com/en/paragliders/paramotor-gliders/charger/
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