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  1. RocknRotor

    Radio again :-)

    ok thx for your reply ... how it looks like i have to buy 2 radios .... ok ... What I like to do then is connect the radios with a bluetooth adapter ... is there any recommendations for that ?
  2. RocknRotor

    Radio again :-)

    in germany when you make your license it is allowed to use airband in G and E airspace ... so it is an option to use just one radio to communicate to each other and to the ground of an airfield ... but when i like to fly in other contrys it is maybe different and so i ask myself what is the best way to use one device. ... I just a beginner, so mybe with the time the question will be asked ...
  3. RocknRotor

    Radio again :-)

    thx for your reply nic ... what i´m thinking about is, how can i manage this if let´s say, i like to make an overland flight with some friend and we make some stops at some little airport ... so that we can talk to each other and i can reach the info frequency from the airport ... I have read that it is common in ul flights to commuicate to each other over some special blabla frequencys in the airband ....
  4. RocknRotor

    Radio again :-)

    Hi Guys, I´m new in this paramotor thing. And after reading a lot there is one question about radios and communication in the air. So ... what i think i like to do is to have a airband radio and I like to comminicate with other people in the air. Bluetooth intercom ...no ;-). Is there a portable device on the market the is good for both ? If there would be any advice ... would be nice
  5. RocknRotor

    Paramotor wing Ozone Roadster 2

    Hi andy ... is it already for sale ? if yes please send me an email tibor(at)skyjumps.de ... greetings tibor