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  1. Hi again. Have looked at your site and like what I see. I will definitely contact you when I get back. Cheers
  2. Many thanks Simon. I will take a look whilst I a man here in Oz and perhaps fix some dates for when I get back to Blighty. cheers
  3. Hi Simon. Happy to travel to Swindon. I am currently in Australia until end November. I will give you a call when I return to England. When do you run the training? I assume any training would be in the new year sometime? Also do you have any info on the course you run and what it entails? Thanks
  4. Hi I have just joined the club and would like any information on a training course near me. I live near Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. I am happy to drive some distance for a good course and can undertake training any days of the week. Thanks Jeremy