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  1. i bought V3 t250 after V2, because expecting to be strong ( V2 no leave any doubts ) and hooked on snake xx 20 for a reason.... different guys- different flying styles...... few G’s gained in wingovers & finished with spiral not acro.....
  2. hello folks, i wondering (parajet UK won’t reply to my email) do anybody suffering from this poor design on v3, zenit or maverick? i just had tight spiral and got bends on arms wtf- do parajet completely missed beat? me 87kg, half tank of fuel and extraordinary heavy V3 & thor 250 es combo.... do i need replace arms after every single wingovers finished with spiral because if not have fun- why i need this extremely heavy and week mashine: to do level fly with big wing and 1/4 of engine performance ?
  3. thanks simonhunny. anybody else can give to me any advice?
  4. hello folks, anybody can advice me about this matter? import tax etc etc. wings going as sport baggage by air. thanks
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