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  1. Hi I am new to paramotors and trying to figure out what helmet to get. I liked the Bern/sena helmets and wrote a company to purchase it. They said that the sena will not work with the Icom A14 radio.... Does anyone know what helmet I can use with icom? Thank you, Randy
  2. After researching paramotors for months and trying to decide which one to buy between scout Enduro, Parajet maverick, air conception nitro 200 Titanium , Kangook lite , and virus XC2.. I have decided to go with Virus XC2. The man training me said we can build it. But i am writing to your pros to ask what should I purchase to make this build? What's a very comfortable harness with pockets/compartments? When I buy the moster 185 plus engine will it come with throttle? If not what's a good throttle to purchase? Does engine come with motor mounts and everything I need? Thank you, Randy
  3. Ok great! this makes me more confident buying this as my first wing. Thank you Brian! ~Randy ~
  4. So you had experience flying before using this wing.. I'm thinking about going with the Mac Para Charger even though I have no experience flying. IV read great things about it. Sounds like the worst thing is a butt landing... And from what I have read a lot of people do this starting out, lol
  5. Thank you Papagyo for your reply. Sorry I didnt reply soon I lost the link to this forum . That is the reason I asked between the two wings I have heard that with the Mac Para Charger. But I also read that its a wing that I wouldn't out grow for a while. I didnt know if I should risk buying it or not. So you have had only one bad landing? how many good landings after that? How long have you had the wing?
  6. So many people said the MAC PARA CHARGER is a great wing! I also was told it has bad flare and fast landings for a noob just starting out? I was told the GIN PEGASUS was a better wing because of slower landings. http://www.macpara.com/en/charger.html http://gingliders.com/paramotoring/pegasus/ Any opinions? Thank you, Randy
  7. Perfect... I will check into them ? Thank you! Randy
  8. Hi, I am getting a paramotor in the spring and just trying to do some research. I was wondering is there a app or GPS unit that would tell you if you begin to fly out of class E Or G airspace? I have seen on the vfr maps there can be small passages if one is to fly cross country and I don't understand how would you know exactly what airspace you are in. Thx, Randy
  9. I agree Juan.... Alot of great people in this group and in this sport. I'm blown away how Nice people are in paramotoring. I had a guy on Facebook ask me to call him two days ago. I have never spoke or met this guy and he was kind enough to invite me to come to Virginia to fly with him and his friends. I told I would be honored to this coming spring when I get in the air. Thank you for your opinion to this post too Randy
  10. Thx again Andy, I have always been a note taker at whatever I get into. I have a notebook that I take notes and I have written these down ??
  11. Thanks Andy, I have never had any fear of heights and feel very comfortable and absolutely love aerial sights. I have read that it's 80%kiting experience to be good at flying paramotors. And my friend stresses that he wants me to be very very good at controlling the wing first. So apart of me is just having fun kiting right now... The other part of my brain is saying but the paramotor now and fly!! Lol.
  12. Earlier I wrote $1,500 to $2000 because I wasn't getting into to much detail... Actually I spoke with a man in Virginia (really nice guy like most people iv met in this sport so far) he claimed training would cost $1,600 if I also bought paramotor through him, if I already have a paramotor he charges $2,200 for training. And I agree.... What little kiting I have done its unlike any sport iv done... I have always been on the ground and wanting to be in the air. These two men isn't rushing me into the air at all... They insist I have full control of my wing on the ground before going into the air. When it's time to go into the air Jay will be sure to go over everything in Greta detail like he has with kiting (he likes to talk) ?and then we would use two waybra
  13. Hi Casper, I agree with you about being a expieranced pilot. That is why I was thinking I would not have any problem training people with the skills I have as hobbies and i train people to become machinist at work alot. These two guys are very experienced flyers from what I seen and their hasn't been a question I asked that they has a answer for. And as I have been reading the paramotor bible it clarified what these guys are saying to me. I just want to be certain and have no doubts when I eventually fly. I want to know what to expect before I am in the air and these guys have radios in the helmets to communicate to one another and me when I launch. I feel confident in them but I was just curious what others experienced pilots thought about this. The best part is the one friend of mine told me to stop by everyday and he is willing to work with me. And I would but I am not as fortune as him and I have to work. Lol As far as kiting goes it's absolutely blast and a awesome work out on windy days in love it! My friend said alot of people don't like kiting but I don't understand why not. We have a lot of good laughs while doing it. You talked about landings and that's one thing I told my friend I look forward to doing it touch offs so I get completely comfortable with the landings. I have talked to a trainer and he said training would consist of 7 to 10 days and to me that sounds like it will be rushing and throwing me into the air and calling me a pilot. Where as I would rather take my time and become really good with the wing first so I am not second guessing my lunches and always asking some to watch me and say launch or abort.
  14. Hi Juan, Great video I enjoy watching all the videos I find on take offs and landings and anylizing then. I especially like watching the paramotor fails on YouTube to see where others have failed so I am aware of what not to do even though my friend tells me all the time... Its nice to see it in action of what not to do. Thank you for your advice I really do appreciate it... And I will have to take you up on that offer to fly with you on day... I look forward to it ??
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