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  1. So would you recommend a clutch or no clutch on a Nitro 200`?
  2. It's the Nitro 200 I am looking at
  3. Do you use a clutch on your paramotor? If yes why? If no why? From my understanding that advantage of clutch is forward starts?
  4. Hi! I would like to get a Nitro 200, What harness size do I need for a nitro 200? I am 5.9 / 180cm and I weight 176 lbs / 80kg I am not "fat" nor well trained, Average dude. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I am looking to purchase a Air Conception Nitro and saw that there is 2 different versions of it A 130cc and a 200cc. My weight is ~170 lbs / ~78kg Is it "bad" / "dangerous" if I purchase a 200cc version instead of a 130cc one?
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