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Mark Pugh

Mark Pugh

Sunday 6th January 2019, my first totally solo flight, WARWICKSHIRE, UK.

I have flown for the last year with the Worcester Paramotor Flyers, but it is a one hour drive from my home to a launch field. They initially, helped double check everything before each flight, but slowly left me to my own at launch. The last two flights were actually on my own in the air, but other pilots in the field. Last Sunday I went to a local field where the tenant farmer and actual owner had given me permission to fly, as long as I ring them before going there. Just loading up my car, I felt sick with nerves, but once I'd driven onto the field, I was fine. Set up windsock, warmed up engine, laid out wing... clipped in for a reverse launch.

The REVO 2 came up first time perfectly, followed the risers to turn around and noticed the left brake was now twisted around the riser, sorted this out whilst walking forward, powered up, took about 5 steps and I was away. It was so great to fly around areas I knew (from the ground) well; everything seems so closer together in the air.

I kept between 1500 feet and 600 feet AGL and flew around lots of local villages and towns, even my own house. Been wanting to do that for years!!! Eventually, it was getting darker, so landed back in the launch field next to my car. What a confidence boost. Flying is epic, even when you don't need to do acrobatics, no wing overs, no spiral dives, no foot drags, but still loved every second of the flight and took lots of stills from my gopro (copy) video after landing.

20 DL.jpg

80 High St.jpg

120 Flair Island.jpg

340 Deb.jpg

360 Coughton Court.jpg

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490 B Best.jpg

530 Point House.jpg

600 Aston Hill Best.jpg

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