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There's always been strobes of various types. I have been looking at a cheap off the shelf LED options.

Probably not as bright and effective as some but if you consider some alternatives are over £100 then this £10 setup is pretty good value.

I'm thinking a pilot with a £10 is more likely to be seen than a pilot without a £100 strobe as I know I was not about to spend £100 on a strobe which I don't need & haven't needed.

That said a £10 strobe I will consider the visibility benefits when flying on dull days or late evening landings.

Here's a pic of my components. 50p for scale.

Haven't tested in flight yet. I expect visibility to be 500meters in day light and 1km in poor light, dusk etc. It will be a mere twinkle in the sky, but probably enough to raise attention of passing air traffic.

Lipo battery £6

Strobes £3


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Same CREE Led Tec CAS exactly what I was thinking TBH.

I am not sure how much they cost though... but for sure they will be sealed and waterproof / tough.

I have a roll of what are currently the brightest 12v LED available (for another project) and they are insanely bright!! (and expensive) As used on the international space station and most commercial aircraft.

Imported from the USA, from the supplier to NASA.

One thing is for sure, LED is the future of lighting (a new level of lighting) people are already getting excited but I think there is way way more to come from the Tec. :-) :-)


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Yes I like my LEDs

Ever since I got a 1 single cree style led torch. It's bright like an arc light from a welder.

Now a few years later, my house is fitted with cob led corn lights in the standard fittings and the rest are led of sorts. I think every bulb has been swapped out. It made a difference to the bill.

My led bike lights are very directional beam.

These are car strobe lights are designed to be seen rather than project, cheap, small, simple and 12v with strobe effect included. Pretty simple.

Could screw 4 to a block of wood for 360. I think just 2 cable tied will suffice.

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Hi Vince, I though as the side visual area of a PPG is a lot less than the frontal area I would mount the LEDs pointing outwards left and right. I mounted the control box on the centre spar:


...then extended the wires to each LED and mounted them onto the throttle 'park' bracket on either side of the cage:



Unfortunately, even with just the low weight of the LED/lens assembly, the vibration in the cage caused the left hand LED to fracture the throttle park bracket and it went zinging away in flight after about 40 hours :shock:

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