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Hi - and does anyone fly in the shere/guildford area?

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I am based in shere and have just signed up for paramotor training from may 7th-14th and have ordered a new paramotor (zenith+thor 80) and wing(ozone spyder) - I'm keen to fly asap when I get back from the training course in may.

Does anyone fly locally? it would be great to meet and find out some of the best places to fly locally. Any help and advice would be much appreciated

I also posted in the Surrey forum - but looks like this is the forum for newbies ...



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I flew Barry's field with a friend last week - it a long way to get to and weather wasn't great  so only a couple of 5 minute flight and a charge of £10 each.... just thought everyone should know before they go as we didn't know

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Barry has always charged for the use of his field.. It's a nice site but fairly restrictive due to the sensitive area (neighbours) and farnborough airspace. 

Your best bet like all of us if go out and find a local farmer who is willing to let you use his field... 

Make sure you have an air map and a GPS if you fly in your local shere area as your every close to LGW CTA you also have Dunsofld ATC very close by.



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