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Checking Belt Tension using an iphone app..


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On the nitro engine we dont use deflection test for belt tension, we use a variation on what the belt manufacturer sells (gates sonic tool) its a way of measuring frequency.

This is a new method for me but seems really accurate. Below is a quick video of me checking my belt tension using an iphone app.



Below is a link which has a little explanation of the original tool and a link to iphone app and android app. Its a great method as no special tools are needed and its very accurate. No special tools so long as you have an android phone or iphone that is. the 370hz setting is only for nitro engine. Other engines may have a different optimal setting.


Seems better than hanging a weight off a spanner as I can accurately check tension without loosening a single bolt.

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From a recent visit to the Vittorazi Factory, we were given the following settings for the Moster Engines.

Vittorazi Moster Plus with a 13 rib Optibelt - 430-450Hz no lower than 370Hz and 500Hz would be very bad!

Vittorazi Moster Classic and Silent with a Gates 15 rib belt 450-470Hz plus or minus 60/70

A good iPhone app is Tension2Go, seems to work pretty well.

I recently fitted a new belt to my Moster using the weight method and then checked the frequency with the app. It was pretty accurate but do the check a few times.


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