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Towyn rhyl kinmel bay

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Welcome to the Paramotor Club. :-)

One of our members (Steve) lives kind of in that area and may be able to help point you at a school. I have sent him a link to this thread.


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Wrong bit of Wales, I'm in the Brecon Beacons.

Parafest is going to be on your doorstep at the beginning of June, you'll be able to soak up everything you need about paramotors at that but get a ticket ASAP.

If Aberystwyth is manageable for travel then give Steve Griffiths at MWPGC a shout, I'll post a link in a bit.

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Ahhhhh, why do I keep thinking you are North Wales even though I know your not!! :roll:

I think I am suffering some brain fade! lolol

http://www.parafest.co.uk is the best option for you if your patient enough :-)

It's great that you live in an awesome place to fly, but your a little in the sticks in terms of instructors and schools.

There are many Para'gliding' instructors there of course, but you don't wanna do that of course! :-) :-)

Ultimately I think your going to have to travel to get to the training field you go for.


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