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Bailey V2 175cc - Advice please?


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Hi All,

I used this forum a few times about 5 years ago when I owned a PAP Solo 210 and then a PAP Top 80.

I've not had a paramotor since about 2011. Still actively paragliding though!

I've now commited to buying a used Bailey V2 175cc with electric start for what, I think, is a very reasonable price. £1500.

A local paraglider is looking to move it on as he's not using it at all.

The operating manual states new purchase date of June 2007 so my guess is that this is a V2?

He is the second owner and claims to have put about 3 hours on it. The first owner claimed to have put a maximum of 40 hours on it.

I had a look at it yesterday and everything looks in good order. I will do an oil change on it when I have it and all the usual 40 hour checks like valve clearances etc.

Is there anything specific I should be looking for or thinking about? What is the support from Bailey like these days and the spares back-up for this unit?

The only issue is that the battery would only start the engine once and that's after it had been on charge all night. So the battery is clearly not holding a full charge which is probably to be expected for a 9 year old battery which hasn't been used much over the past year.

I've emailed Bailey tech support to see if they can provide a new one. Is there anyone else who holds spare parts for this unit?

Thanks for any advice you can contribute.



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Hi Joe,

I also have a Bailey 175. Just before I bought it (used) it had been back to Bailey for an 'upgrade'.

If I remember correctly, this included a new crankshaft and seals to address a known issue.

I've had little reason to need support, but had prompt service from Bailey when I contacted them for minor spares (battery connector).

I did inquire about a Li-Po replacement battery last year. The replay from Paul Bailey was that they no longer use electric starters, so they have not moved with the times to offer lightweight upgrades.

I have 3 of the original Bailey battery packs, but they're all getting quite tired. I will eventually replace them with Lithium batteries with a suitable charge controller.

If you're not comfortable with Lithium, simply make up a pack of 4.0Ah sealed lead acid cells as a direct replacement.

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Hi Pete

Thanks for the input. Paul Bailey replied to an email I sent saying that they can provide a new battery.

Good to know that I can improvise if required.

With the set up you suggested will the batteries recharge as per the original battery or would wiring need to be altered?

I have a friend who is good with electric and batteries from a rc model background so he'll keep me right (and safe).

Howimany hours on your Bailey?

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If you make up a pack of 6 lead acid cells, that is a direct replacement for the original battery.

If you make a Lithium pack, it will need a charge and balance control circuit, or you can simply disconnect the charging lead from the bailey generator and recharge the battery with a commercial charger on the ground.

If you go for the on-board charging option, the battery should be made up with the charge control as part of the package, so it plugs in directly to the unmodified wiring of the paramotor.

The battery is only used for starting, the engine generates its own ignition.

I've had my Bailey for 4 years and have put less than 40 hours on it in that time.

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