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paramotor advice on engines


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hi, can anyone out there give me some info or specs on simonini 175cc paramotor, I have sold my parajet v3 190 light, and am looking to buy a used engine, about same power /thrust and must be electric start, what are your views on other paramotors,makes/models, any advice welcome,thanks pat

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Having people recommend Paramotors to you is pointless... IMO

I personally always ask what they want from there Paramotor and try and advise as best I can even if its a machine we don't sell


All up weight

wing size

what do you need from your motor, Pure XC or Acro slalom style.. If pure XC do you ridge and thermal soar?

Are you fit? Do you need a light motor or can you live with the heavier machines.

How are your launches and landings..

How are your mechanical skills are you able to tune the machine.

Do you need Electric start?

Do you really need electric start???

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I agree with Morgy here.

The lack of replies is because there is not enough information for anyone to usefully help. :-)

Have a read though the list above, give us a little more info and help and advice will come your way :-)


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