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Hello from Cambs (video)

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Hi all.

Background: have a lapsed PPL(H) with <200hrs. Last flew in 2000

Got an old ground handling wing & harness and cajoled a retired instructor (top fella) to go through the basics and safety with me. I plan to practise as much ground handling as I can with this wing (and for free) before spending any money at a school.

I seem to quite reliably get to this stage (see video) but it never lasts more than a few seconds. Any pointers from here?




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Welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

Honestly, practicing your ground work with that wing is not at all productive. They require a massively different technique than our current reflex wings.

The best advice you will be given here I think, is to find an instructor and do a course with them on school kit that is up to date and safe. :-) :-)

Where about do you live?


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Have a chat with someone before you do another e-bay special. :-) Chilly will sort you out properly and seems close ish :-)

Go and say hi to him, I am sure that he will be helpful.


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Hi Seb

I am local to you and often fly over the town( if the weather ever gets better)

Still a novice but have about 30 +hours to date. You can come and try my wing for a comparison. Simon taught me to fly, it's bit of a trek down there but at the right time of day it's easy.


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