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What's coming and why I am excited :-) :-)


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All, I have put together a quick list of a 'small selection' of the things that you can expect from the new site because I am too excited to keep it to myself :-)


Rich Text editing

Use rich formatting you're used to in your word processor, and see it identically in the editor and in your post. It’s easy to create a ‘document’ rather than just a post.


Notify other members by typing their #name to mention them - the perfect way to ensure a member sees something they might otherwise miss.

Automatic Embedding

Links from services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram will automatically embed a rich preview in the post. Links from your own posts will also show an enticing preview to encourage clickthroughs when shared.

Drag'n'drop Uploading

Attach images and files simply by dragging them into the editor upload area. Images will appear right in the post while files will show as a download link. (no need to use youtube for your videos, upload them directly to the new PMC site!)

Weekly & Daily Digests

Users can choose to receive digests of new content posted in their followed areas - a convenient way of getting an overview without being overloaded by email.

Easily find new content

It's hard to keep up with all the content that is posted to an active community. The new PMC site automatically remembers what a user has seen, so that unseen content can be highlighted for them when they return. Even if they view content and come back later, the content will be highlighted for them if there's new replies.

The New Content area shows an overview of all unread content from right across the community, (including, posts, events, articles, and blog updates) with filters to customise what's shown. It's the perfect way to find fresh content that your interested in.

Discover related content

With community-wide support for tagging, users can add tags when creating content, making it easy for others to find more content on the same subject. Tagging also helps with content promotion - when viewing content in the community, similarly-tagged items can be highlighted in the sidebar to help users find other relevant posts.


Optionally request RSVPs to events, and choose to set a maximum number permitted for each event. Users attending (or who have indicated they can't attend) are shown right on the event page.

Multiple Calendars

Administrators can create multiple calendars, each with different permissions. Create a public calendar, and private ones for staff or other privileged member groups.

Calendar Subscriptions

Calendar supports the iCal standard, meaning it's possible to both subscribe to events with Calendar, and also import events from other calendar applications, like Apple iCalendar and Google Calendar.

User Albums

Users to create their own image albums to group photos. Albums can be public, or private and restricted only to the members the author chooses.

Images & Video

The new gallery supports video media as well as the standard image formats. Videos exist in albums just like images and can easily be shared across the community and all social media platforms.


Users can create and maintain their own individual or group blogs from within your community, to share their ideas & thoughts. Again, this uses the same rich text editor similar to most word processors.

Private Chat groups.

Chat is a realtime hosted chatroom that enables your users to interact with each other - instantly and privately.

Social Sharing

The new PMC site makes it easy for users to share content to a wide range of social networks with just a couple of clicks, helping to give the club exposure and draw in new users. It's even easier for Facebook & Twitter - users don't even need to leave the page if they've already linked their accounts!

There's also the ability to automatically share new content as it's posted. Users simply check a box on the posting screen, and their content is added to Facebook and/or Twitter immediately.


Users can upload gorgeous cover photos to customise their profile area.

Easily switch between the user's profile and a stream of everything they've contributed.

Status updates gives users a personal area to share their thoughts.

The user's community reputation is shown prominently.

See who follows whom easily, and find new members to follow too.

All PMC instructors will have extended profile features and will be simple to find via the ‘Our Instructors’ tab that will be at the top of every page.

All PMC advertisers / sponsors will have there own full dedicated 'Sponsors page' which can be edited fully as a web page with little limitation. They will also be given some space in the PMC 'shop' if wanted. :-)

This is just a small snippet, from a couple of the new sections of the site. After we go live I would encourage you to have a good look around where you will find many many other cool things! :-) :-)

I will be setting the permissions, so that non paid members can post basic text posts, no images (or gallery), video embeds, or links. I am also contemplating limiting the number of posts a non paid member can make before he/she enters a 'read only' or 'join' mode.

I think that it's time for the people who use the site, to help support it by joining us as full members. After all, it's the full members that we have now that have made this upgrade able to happen and in fact the site to even exist! I expect this will rub a number or people up the wrong way but I it's a step that is NEEDED for the PMC to continue to grow and gain a voice. (how to upgrade is in my signature) if you would like to be super cool and do so now :-)


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