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Paramania Revo 3 Reviews


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Revo3 26

It launches well, lands well, steering is comfortable and predictable, it is happy bumbling about, stable yet you can make it move if you want to. It's more economical than revo2 which was already not bad. The risers have been improved and simplified. This allows easier access to more speed, more control and makes for an easier launch as there is less in your hands & not confusing to new pilots.

In flight it is stable overhead and in smaller sizes as fast as anything else.

Available in 20-23-26-29

I'm 85kg (nearer 90 when I actually last looked) plus my gear. As an experienced pilot the 23 would be better suited. As a beginner pilot the 26 is nice.

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I have a 26m little wing, learned out in spain on a 28. Had my first flight on it on Thursday, low winds and a very short take off field, was up in the air in about 20m flew lovely, as said above, simple risers.

I'm not a huge fan of the tip steering nap type things but I guess that's probably just me.

I'm not sure what you normally get with a wing with with the revo I got a standard storage bag,a rucksack, a big round stuff sack, a riser bag, a spair set of lines, repair patches, and some bits and bobs for the risers, anti side loading clips, mallions and the like.

Hoping to get out and have a fly tomorrow so will be able to give more info on how it performed, speed wise and the like.

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Yesterday I flew for the first time my Revo 3. Fantastic glider! Much faster than my previous Atlas Gin. Much more stable and maneuverable too. Takeoff with zero wind. With the first step the glider is located above one immediately but then, I had to run a lot and faster than the Atlas!!!

In flight, the feeling is very secure and you can see a very compact paraglider. Brakes react quickly and smoothly. When landing, the speed of entry is high but it is easy to completely stop it. It has a lot of residual energy.

I am very happy with the change!

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I had a few shots on my friends Revo 3 26. The wing inflates easily but needs more speed to take off than I thought it would but this is not a problem. I found the wing to be very safe and solid but you can fairly throw it around if you put the inputs in. Fair amount of speed and can keep level flight on the bar with a Baileys V5 at 135Kg all up. Landing was faster than I expected for this wing. Good first or second wing

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