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More drone stuff. SUPER HAPPY to finally be able to share.


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Sorry just seen the other question also... 

It was an Inspire 1 with the 4K camera filmed at 1080. Filmed for 'Get me to the Church' 

Below (from the tinternet) is basically what we were filming :-):-) lolol

Bride who was dumped abroad just DAYS before her wedding for a TV show reveals how she had to busk, beg strangers and hitchhike for help to get home

  • Loz, 31, and three friends were dumped in a remote location in Bulgaria
  • Women from Sussex had no knowledge of the area and few possessions
  • Challenged to get back to the UK using own wits in time for Loz's wedding
  • She was due to marry Dave, 34, the father of her daughter Bay
  • He had to ensure wedding day was ready to go ahead as planned
  • They would win a honeymoon if Loz got back in time
  • Drama unfolds on new TV show Get Me To The Church on W 


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If you are into drones Simon.........I have flown RC aircraft for 40 years. After teaching my son in 2001 he then started building his own. Being young and wanting bigger challenges he started to build quad-copters - in the days before the word 'drone' was invented. I have an Aladin's cave of 'drones' at my house. He was also the pilot for a budding Chartered Surveyor locally who used to use him to film the roofs of places for inspection....thus saving all the cost of someone having to go up and look. He did a film very like the one you show above. When I built a house in my back garden I had an 80 tonne crane at full stretch lifting building stuff over the existing house. His film was a little like yours, with our town in the background and a view going up the crane jib!

He can also fly drones VERY fast, much faster than a paramotor. Not so good for filming.....but also does the full set of tricks, loops, rolls etc! Next time I get the chance I am going to get him to fly backwards in front of me and I will chase the drone to see what we get. :)

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