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New in Newark

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Greetings all, my name is Phil (Passmore) and I live with the family in Newark, Notts, UK (Robin Hood Country). I've held my PPL for quite a few years, but family finances being what they are I just can't afford the hundred odd pounds per hour to take up one of the clubs aircraft. So, I'm turning towards paramotoring. I'm doing a one to one course over the Easter holidays, so hopefully will get a handle on things.

Some may think that I've been mad, but I have researched as much information as I've been able off the net and the various fora, and I've already bought myself a motor and wing. The motor is an upgraded Adventure F3 with Solo 210 motor. It's got a tuned pipe and a fancy cylinder head so should produce enough thrust to get my lardy a**e airborne. Very many thanks to Mark of Leavesley Aviation for the deal of a lifetime. My wing is an Ebay special (yes, I know buying like that goes against all the advice for a newbie like me) 'Swing Arcus' which is away at 'The Loft' being serviced and checked as we speak. Hopefully the service report will vindicate my purchase, if not then all of you sniggering behind your hands will have been proved right and I'll slink off to a corner to lick my financial wounds.

Unfortunately, being a bit of a 'fad' guy, I'm going to have to sell off some of my other toys to finance this foray into the blue, so if anyone wants some scuba gear or a radio controlled helicopter, then drop me a line. My motorbike WON'T be going however. :D

As I'm a PPL holder and suitably licenced, I'm treating myself to an Icom airband TX/RX, getting it shipped over from the US as Britain really is a rip off for consumer electronics. I am a firm believer in being able to speak to ground facilities, and the ability to get a radar service from somewhere like Waddington gives me a bit of reassurance that I'm not about to get bounced by a fast jet, tooling about in the Lincs. AIAA. I already have a GPS from my flying and although the database is a bit out of date, a lot of the airspace is still valid, and airfields are not known for moving too much. I guess that a vario would be handy if I want to shut down the motor and do a bit of silent soaring, so if anyone has an old one collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, perhaps you'll think of me.

I most certainly will be dropping in for chats and advice, as I've found fora like this one to be one of the best sources for information across a huge range of activities. Please forgive my stupidity, and try to nudge me in sensible directions (despite my initial 'take off' purchases being the worst way of doing things). I do my best to learn fast, although some traits I find hard to break, like being a complete gadget freak.

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Nothing wrong with an Arcus! You can get power risers (trim tabs) for it at about 70 quid and that makes a big differnce for PPG. I started on an arcus and still fly on it about once a year for the nostalgia.

The solo is a good reliable engine and the modified head and tuned exhaust are widely used mods with parts readily available.

The main difference for you is that you have moved from a regulated form of flying to a de-regulated one. You are now officially a type of glider. Your relationship with traffic control and other aircraft is altered somewhat. You will find out all about that through your course and your dilligent researches on eminent fora such as this :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

Welcome and see you soon! Notts is en-route for our Tip to Tip epic journey isnt it Norman?

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I also started on an Arcus and it was fine. The Adventure units have their pro's and con's. Colin (Weesplat) is well versed in all things Adventure. The key one for you to be aware of is that he has found a cheap suitable way of sorting out cage damage issues which is a bit of a weakness in the Adventure series.

Have you already ordered your Icom? None of the current models are CAA approved for airborne use if that is the way you want to go. If you wish to be legit you would need to use an old A3 or A20.



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