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Simonini Mini 2 Evo - oil

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Had a look at previous discussions but they were over 3/4 years old so..

I have a brand new motor to break in. I have always used Motul 800 fully synth in the past (parajet & polini). However Simonini recommend semi only inj that it keeps for longer in the tank (mixed). I Will I be okay to stick with fully synth Motul or should I change to a semi? Recommendations? I understand Putoline is good?

Cheers :):mrgreen:

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Alright Dave

Mine wasn't the Evo but I clocked 150 hours with my mini 2. It wasn't fussy with oil. I ran a semi synthetic chainsaw oil (Huskvarna) and a Morris's synthetic to finish with. Ran at 33/1 40/1 and 50/ 1. Never seized or got too hot. Ran it so lean on the low jet that it bogged down on pick up and had to be nursed up the revs or it died. Huge economy and still no probs. 3.3 litres an hour cruising around with my mates. But a few did melt holes in their pistons. One in ten was quoted. I ran the carb at a pop off pressure of about 13 psi with a blow of of about 20 psi. I still suspect that the ones that had problems were set at a high pop off pressure where the engine was demanding more fuel which wasn't available so they went lean. I maybe wrong but mine seemed quite indestructable. I have a spare carb and starter here. Give us a shout if you want me to see it running and go for a fly. 'Bout time eh ?


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