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Paramotor club instructors rating anyone?.


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Are you an existing Paramotor Instructor? We want you! :-) :-)

I would like to kick start 2016 for the PMC by offering all existing

paramotor instructors the opportunity to become a PMC rated instructor. We are

not charging for this event.

Initially this would be a presentation followed by a group based discussion

so that you would have a full understanding of our training systems and to

give us the opportunity to find out a little more about you.

We will then run phase 1 of our instructors course over a weekend

completely free to all.

Phase 1 of the course focuses on identifying the different ways in which

people learn and how to identify those people so that you can teach


For those of you who remain excited we will look at your existing

experience and identify any further help we can offer. For many 'active'

instructors this is likely to be nothing more than making sure you know how

the PMC syllabus flows and how best to work it into your existing teaching

techniques, again... no cost involved.

The initial meeting will be held at Membury Airfield on Saturday the 20th

of Feb 2016 at 10:00 I urge anyone remotely interested to attend as it is

very unlikely that we will hold another one any time soon.

6 places currently filled.

This is an open offer to ALL current Paramotor instructors.

To book your place, please PM me or call the number in my signature. :-)


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