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Flight to Dartmoor, PLEASE READ

admin (Simon W)

Would you like to fly or be ground crew?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to fly or be ground crew?

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Hi Simon

I have replied to personal message re-dartmoor trip>

I would be happy to help out as ground crew on the trip.

Do you have firm dates as i have committments 18th-28th august.

I have a land rover with towbar and small trailer if required. and some petrol cans, and a small fridge.

I do not have paramotor or motor wing YET!

Still too busy, Spending loads to paraglide in europe.

Next year 2008 it will be Ning, ning ning. Paramotor time.

Regards & best wishes

Eric the Aviator

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To the Dartmoor pilots,

Sunday it looking like a scorcher of a day with nice gentle breeze, if this turns out to be the case, I am going to be flying the first 2-3 legs of the Dartmoor route. (which takes us to, Devizes white horse)

I will have to make it an early evening flight as I will be teaching in the day time.

Whos with me?

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The second petrol stop has now been confirmed. and is just outside of out 5km circle. I have heard that you can download a memory map reader for free from the internet I will try to find a link so that I can send you the updated route. (which also now follows a nicer & further from airspace route 'slightly'

You can continue to familirize yourselfs with the route you have as it has only change very slightly and I will update you at the final brief.

I will also start to work on converting the air route to a road route card for the ground crew, which will ensure that you are picked up quickly if needed.

IF YOU HAVE LANDED FOR ANY OTHER REASON THAN PETROL START TO PACK YOU WING AWAY. (Which reminds me, all pilots are to carry a bag/ stuffbag for his / her wing.

I will provide a basic kit list for the trip.

Not long now.

People who are ready and have completed a 100km NavEx are,

Simon Westmore

Clive Bunce

Jeoff Lloyns

Dave Hairs

Rach Hairs

Simon Payne

If your name is not on this list please contact me, If you can show that you can nav the trip yourself and have flown for over 1 hour and 45 mins in the past, I will consider this enough. THIS IS DUE TO THE BAD WEATHER AND THERE NOT BEING MUCH TIME LEFT TO GET THE NAV EX IN.

Cheers ALL.


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  • 2 weeks later...


In 16 days time (11th of August) a group of us hope to be taking off from the Lambourn Club site and Landing in Dartmoor, we are staying there for the night (next to a nice big warm pub with food and beer)

For the people who are flying mthe day will work as follows@

05:00 Arrive at Lambourn Club

05:10 Final route brief and Radio Check

05:30 Personal Flight Admin

05:55 first person to launch

06:05 Last person to Launch

06:10 Ground Crew Route Brief (an old friend)

06:20 Ground Crew start to move

We aim to be at Parajets petrol stop (including ground crew with petrol and personal stuff) by 08:00

09:00 Launch for second leg

Timings oast this point would be inaccurate but I hope the second leg will take around 2hrs 15 mins. and the flight into Dartmoor a further 45-mins.

Has anyone got any issues that need looking into? help with some kit? anything that is stopping you from flying or helping on the ground Let us know now so that we have to time to get each other sorted out if needed.

The Weather is looking like it is on the mend as I am sure you all know.

Cant Wait :D

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Hi Simon

All revvved up in a landrover ground crew sort of way.

Looking forward to flyable weather and supporting the aviators.

I will contact you on your mobile re details of routes and procedures.


If Terry W. is ground crew. Can i boss him about a bit, if yes i will donate £10.00 to the air ambulance


Eric the Aviator

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It's looking increasingly unlikely that I'll be able to make it I'm afraid as I'm expecting to need to get my gear shipped to China about the time you're planning. Well, not 5:00 am - no-one gets up THAT early!!!!

If I don't make it then I hope you have a great time.


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Hi Simon,

Yea, they are not exactly co-located but Tavistock is about 8nm due west of Princetown and the nearest town that the website will throw out. The wind might be a little brisker up in the hills (hopefully) but the weather should be much the same.

Getting excited yet? The light wind and the high pressure bodes well for the transit down there.... finnigers crossed. ;)

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Princetown is 8km away yes.

But it a LONG way down also.

Having lived in Princetown for most of my childhood and went to School in Tavistock Comp, then most of my ARMY training on Dartmoor.........

I would say that it can be snowing in Princetown and in fact be CUT OFF for a week sometimes, and Tavistock (8KM away will have no snow) If you look at Princetown mast from Tavistock it looks like a snow capped mountain in the winter.

The wind is normaly as mentioned a little higher, and the temp 2-3c cooler.

I would say.... Use the Tavistock one for a general vibe.....

But.... I will get an accurate weather report form a bod on the ground on the day we fly and at each stop.

I am getting VERY excited about this flight now.........

Cant wait!!!! :D:D

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Ah Simon,

Local knowledge always beats three aces and nothin' beats a bod on the end of the phone. :lol:

You talk about getting excited, I drove past Mere on my way to work this evening - the weather is spectacular and I am going to be missing it - £%$^£! :(

See you on the 10th! 8)

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The weather for our flight to Dartmoor is looking at the moment to be a SW / W wind direction. This is great for the flight FROM Dartmoor to Lambourn.

So we have two options,

1, Go to Dartmoor on Friday, Camp the night, up early, fly route in reverse.


2, All invloved, ground crew, pilots, e.t.c come to Lambourn as planed on Satarday, do a nice long flight, camp somewhere, fly back the next day. :D

What do you think?

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hi simon,

As long as i can fly and see some nice bits of countryside im up for whichever makes the best sense on the day.

Dartmoor would be nice but not if we are fighting headwinds all the way. So perhaps a local flight taking in some of the better landmarks. Just my pennys worth.

Cheers Col.....

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Here are the tracks of my two flights into Dartmoor last weekend. Not as huge as planned XC, but still FANTASTIC :D:D:D:D:D:D:D



Also, the farmer where I was staying has a paramotor, so do a few others within an hour flying time. I feel a plan coming on...



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I cant belive you stayed at the Warren House Inn !!

What a great little pup in the middle of nowhere, There is a disused mine there called the 'Golden Dagger' which I used to absail into as a kid.

Do you remember the name of the landlord?

Great to see you had a fly down there at least.


Doh! We stayed at the other end on the track :oops:

High wind delayed our take off and the flight there. One guy landed 300m NW of the pub (in side the track loop) then sunset> sanity > safety overruled and we opted for the downwind dash home.

Do you know the pub in Spreyton? It is full of loads of different ales and has a field (arranged by the farmer) to land only in.



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