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Flight to Dartmoor, PLEASE READ

admin (Simon W)

Would you like to fly or be ground crew?  

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I am pleased to announce that the Dartmoor trip is getting a little more underway. Thanks to Dave H for the route planning.


Now we have had a closer look at the plans I can give a better brief to the flight so that you can decide if its still for you.

1. The total flight time is expected to be 4 hours and 30 mins. (say 5 hours to be safe)

2. There will be 1 stop at the half way point for petrol, food, water, re-group. (Changed to two stops see below)

3. There will be a re-group just before the aproach to Dartmoor (this wil be a time window)

4. There will be a ground crew (still looking for more helpers, with vans or 4x4's)

The role of the ground crew will be:-

a) To drive to a pilot who has landed out.

b) To fill up pilot with petrol if required.

c) To pick up pilot and motor if anything other than running out of petrol caused the landing.

d) bring everyone back the next day.

It may be that if we have a SW wind direction we will do the flight in reverse order, Stay at Dartmoor overnight and fly out in the morning back to Lambourn.

It will be the responsibility of the pilot to ensure:-

a) They know where they are, and that it is on route.

b) They can navigate there own way to the dartmoor site.

c) They have the correct equiptment for the flight.

d) They carry a radio, mobile phone, and money for Telephone.

e) They land (or walk) to the pick up point.

f) They attent a minimum of ONE navex day (this will be a total SOLO flight of 100km. *

g) you MUST carry an air map and compass, a GPS is not a must but an air map and compass are


* The solo flight will be carried out with a minimum of 3 people at 15 min intervals so although you will be flying alone you will not be more than 15 mins away from another pilot. This will be arranged as a training day, so this will be your chance to learn how to read an air map and navigate with it and a compass. (Day 1 Army Cadet force stuff!!!)

I must stress that we will all be here to have a great fun flight, but due to the distance of it, you can expect to be flying much of it out of visual contact with another pilot this is the reason that we must ensure that you will be happy flying on your own and navigating

Once at the edge of Dartmoor I intend to create a time window at the edge of Dartmoor where a Regroup can take place before the flight into the moors, this window will not be more than 1 hour.

This may all sound a little millitary and in fact it is, but.... It will be a great flight for any pilot to add to his or her list of achievements, and when we land... o when we land now that will be great!!!!

Wine / beer Food, Music, and just a bloody good laugh!!!!

I dont want to scare anyone off doing this flight so if you have any doubts in your abilities or confidence PLEASE PLEASE tell me now! We sill have plenty of time to get it sorted out.

Well thats the update for now.


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So I now have a route*

Lambourn (Heading 238 for 32.8KM)

Devizes (heading 255 for 15.8 KM)

Trowbridge (heading 183 for 25.8 KM)

Mere (Parajet Petrol stop) 74.4km in to the flight. Leave on heading (265 until M5 50.9KM)

Head south over M5 on (heading 229 for 55.4KM)


Take off on (Heading 228 for 35.9KM)



As soon as this weather passes, all of those of you who have decided to complete this flight should get some air time! On top of the navEx training day we will have (this is likely to take in the forst two or three legs of the above route.)

*The route may well change to cater for the second petrol stop.

I will upload a picture of the route as soon as I can suss out how to.

Ta Ta 4 now.

If anyone has any comments about this route please let me know ASAP.

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To the Dartmoor Pilots,

I intend to hold a brief on the route that we are going to take to Dartmoor and a little bit of navigation chit chat for anyone that wants it or needs it.

This is likely to be Thursday evening at my house in Lambourn and again during Saturday Day time.

Dave H has agreed to arrange the 100km out and return NavEx from Lambourn (which will include a lesson on Navigation! (a lesson from a Dave is not to be missed! ) We will arrange the date for the NavEx at the Route brief.

If you want to fly this trip you willl need to attend both a route brief and a NavEx so please make an effort to attend. (the trip will be way more effort I can assure you :D:D )

Please do feel free to ask any questions that you may have about this flight I am happy to answer them if I can.

Please could the other people who have voted to fly the trip leave a post here so that I know who you are.

Yippeeee buzzing about this!!!!

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With the forecast of the weather like it is, I don’t think I will be ready for the whole trip, if not I would like to do the theory side ready for your next one (IOW)!!!!!!!!


Hi Tony,

Like you, I'm not absolutely confident of being ready to fly the whole way but that doesn't stop either of us getting involved and driving a support vehicle if we're not ready to fly. That way we can drink in the vibe of the trip at least.


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........ this sort of X country trip is a great example of why I want to get into Paramotoring unfortunately there’s no way that I’m going to be able to take part as I haven’t even started training yet.

I have visited Lambourn and met Simon and 1 or 2 of the other guys, and have also been lurking around this forum for some time and must say that I’ve been impressed with how welcoming and enthusiastic you all are; it’s definitely a club that I’d like to be a part of.

I’d be glad to help out with the Dartmoor trip in anyway that I can (do you need anyone to guard the beer :D ) because as others have said it will be a great opportunity to sample the vibe and get to meet you all.

I’d also like to come along to the navigation briefing (is that OK Simon ?) because I’m sure that it will be a good learning opportunity.

I don’t know if any of you have come across a piece of software called Memory Map? It makes the planning and distributing of routes really easy and also has some nice preview features like “fly through”. As well as OS coverage of the UK CAA air maps are also available. If anyone’s interested in having a play with it let me know and I’ll bring my laptop along the next time that I visit Lambourn.

I wish you all the best of luck with your preparations for the trip and I hope that sometime soon that I’ll be able to join you, and if I can help in anyway with the Dartmoor trip please let me know.



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Hi Ken,

You are more than welcome to join in on the briefings. (Thursday evening i a route brief) The NavEx will have to wait until the weather is better and Dave H is free.

As far as Mem Map, I think we all have it and use it for route planning (as I have for this trip) I just dont want to ive the route out to people until they have been here for the brief.

NOTE, you can also get a mem map reader for FREE download. I will try to find a link.

Ken, if you would like to help with the ground crew this would be good!

I need someone to head up the ground crew in fact!! Who wants that job?

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With a promising forecast for Saturday, I'm planning to come up then. I want to do some testing in the morning but perhaps we could look at doing a 100k (or so) flight in the afternoon for those who are ready? The intention will be for everyone to fly on their own but know that there are others in the vicinity - probably setting off at 15 minute intervals.

I'd be very happy to talk through some tips for navigating on the day.

Simon, will you have some copies of the 1:100,000 pdf versions of the route which I emailed you?

If anyone wants to do this, you need to ensure you have a map holder which you can use in flight. Ideally able to take up to A3 size AND give you the ability to re-fold your map in flight. If you've got one but haven't flown with it yet, you'd be very wise to get a flight or to in before you head off 50km into the distance. I've never known anyone fit a mapholder just right at the first attempt. I've also seen (OK, experienced too) some poorly designed mapholders which have smashed the pilot in the face after launch or made it impossible for them to move their legs enough to land on their feet.

My suggestion is that people fly with a GPS switched on but not visible. It's essential to develop the skill of navigating with a map. GPS's break but maps don't. Unless they pass through the prop which brings me on to ...

If you thought nil wind launches were tough then you also need to try refolding a CAA airmap in flight - it is the ultimate test of the seasoned paramotor pilot!

One final thing which I would urge anyone to do who is aspiring to the Dartmoor trip is to do some landing out and relaunching in places you've never visited from the ground. This is something you need to develop confidence in - choosing a suitable landing field which you can then confidently relaunch from. If you're miles from anywhere and hear a dodgy noise, it's essential that you are confident to land and investigate and then relaunch if it's safe. I've heard a number of stories of expensive damage (and potentially serious injury) from people who have heard something 'not quite right' but continued on because they wanted to get to their destination before investigating.



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Dave, I may well be in ful on teaching mode (day one) on Sunday, so will have to put 100% in to that as I am sure you can understand.....

However..... I would love to fly to 100km out and return so maybe I can be the last person to fly it or something.....

To those of you who are pilots in training, Sunday is a day where we can get a good amount done. Dartmoor flight people should consider being here!

(Including those with shiny new Rad motors with leci and pull start...you know who you are! :wink::wink:

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Thanks for coming to the route brief (and I will hold a two more closer to the time with the very final route)

Its now down to the flying, we need to start on the Navex stuff as soon as the weather will allow.

It is better for me to do this in the evenings if it is a weekend as I am normaly teaching during the day (people who hope to be on the flight!)

If you would like a lesson from Dave H, or Simon P let him know. (cheers Simon P, you just seemed so filipping good at it.)

As I said you will need to attend at least 1 100KM NavEx to fly to Dartmoor Even that is a real minimum to ask for.....

All we need now is a window to fly it.... :D:D

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