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Runway HD now for Android!! :-)


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For the Android users out there.. ...

The very best navigation software on the market will soon be available for your device. !! :-)

RunwayHD for Android coming soon...

Our team of developers at Airbox have been beavering away over the past year working on the long awaited version of RunwayHD for Android ready for release in 2016.

The app will contain many of the features that has made RunwayHD for iPad and iPhone such a hit with pilots around the world and just like the Apple version, we'll be issuing regular updates with new and improved functions over the year!

RunwayHD for Android 1.0 will download with the following:

ICAO Mapping

Automatic airspace updates every 28 days

Airspace Warnings

Route Creation

Route Briefing

Side Profile

Geo-referenced Approach Plates

Visual shaped NOTAMs (with icon indicators)

Documents Storage Area

Scratch Pad

Weather (Satellite, TAF, METAR, Winds Aloft)

Power Search

This is an amazing bit of software, used by the British military, the police, and med heli's.. and just about every pilot of any aircraft that I know. !!


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Hi mate, on the iPhone I have to click the zig zag (route) icon along the top and it's in that menu. 

They are super happy to talk to people and help, so if you have not already sussed it just give um a quick bell :-) 01235 227 250

If your phone was here, I am sure it would take me a second, I would say take a spin down to my house (and you are more than welcome) but you will drive past The RunwayHD offices on your way if you did :-) 



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