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"best" throttle


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hallo to everybody.

Just bought my first engine, A vittorazi fly 100 evo put on a fly products "race C" frame.

The standard factory throttle is installed ; this:


Now, I'd like to upgrade the throttle with a new one with "cruise control" settings.

I've heard well about the chameleon finger throttle, but I would prefer to improve my experience with the flight (I'm a novice) with a standard trigger throttle before to experiment new concepts...

any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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I agree.

We disable the school machines 'cruise control' if thats what were going to call it......... :-)

If you have any sort of collapse while flying a paramotor, the very first response is to come off the power. (if its still collapsed for more than it takes to get to tick over, turn the motor off. If it's still collapsed when you see the ground getting closer, deploy your reserve. for obvious reasons you would never deploy your reserve while the Paramotor was still running!

In reality, the chances of you getting of the throttle quick enough to avoid loose lines making contact with the prop during a frontal are minimal. (those who have seen the Fly another day DVD) will have noticed the noise of risers hitting my prop during a full frontal collapse. I was super lucky not to have dropped out of the sky with broken lines, I am certain I would have had I not been able to get of the power in an instant.

Cruise control on a Paramotor? ? I guess give me a good reason to have / use it :-)


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well, first of all, thanks to all of you for the answers.

Even if I'm a novice I understand your positions and I agree with the opinion that a cruise control could be fairly dangerous in some emergency situations, since a prompt and immediate control on the propulsion should never miss.

So I shall assume that the "comfort" of a cruise control (speaking of medium range cross-country flights) could not compensate the danger of the delayed control of the propulsion ??

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As with most things paramotor. It's risk and reward.

I like cruise control but only at height on long calm flights. ( as if I've done a lot of those recently :-( ) but any thermic activity, gusty conditions. Close formation or low level activity and the cruise control is locked off.

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I live in Canada and fly with a Kangook cage and Moster 185 motor. It has a simple cruise control and is easy to use. I ONLY ever use it at great height and only if I need both hands to do something else for a short period of time. Ex: I take off in the winter (yes snow, and -15C) with thin gloves. I get the dexterity for the take off. Up at a good height I cruise control the throttle and switch to my big thick gloves.

You can buy just the cable and throttle control from them if you look for a local dealer on your side of The Pond.


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