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Re: Dragging a bit now ...


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Although my last flight was a good one, a lovely evening hour or so over the Brecon Beacons, it's now been nearly two months since the weather has given me a break that I've managed to use. The outlook looks pretty grim for a while too. How are the other parts of the UK doing?

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Same here, can`t wait to get into the air again, especially as it`ll be with my new wing..

Last flight for me was 25th Oct.

Could possibly of flown last Sunday but it was rather overcast but low winds and mild, so i did a bit of ground handling at the field instead.

I do like to see a bit of clear sky when i`m up and prefer to fly at least 1500`, don`t like being hemmed in by clag.

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According to my 'days working in the field' stats... this is the worst November and December in the last 9 years! :cry::evil:

The way I look at it is this...

Statistically, we are getting the wind out of the way in one lump :-) which means we will get epic amounts of flying weather in the near future :-)

It's never been too windy for 365 days of the year, it's just maths :-) :-) :-) CHIN UP!!!


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Weather is bad at the moment, and may seem to be getting worse- but may not be as bad as it seems.

If the colder weather comes, high pressure sitting over the country- flying conditions will improve, and all this wet ground will freeze up and make it flyable again. Winter has good stable laminar air, usually without thermals- just as long as you can bear the cold!. On the other positive- the daylight length will progressivley be increasing from next Tuesday onwards...... Bring on the spring time!!!!!!

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