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Nucelon XX


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The XX in straight-line performance, RPMs and glide is about the same, but being about 3 to 4 m2 smaller.

Being smaller does give some advantages in ground management, but you don’t get something for nothing.

Being smaller increases the wing loading, and adds to the dynamic feel and control inflight, and through the take off procedure.

This wing does require more skill set and confidence over the previous Nucleons. This is why the WRC is still in Dudek’s offer.

I fly the 26 XX coming from the 31, and really do enjoy the wing, but it does need treating with a bit more respect.

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Thanks guys.

What sort of pilot/experience/flying would you say the the Nucleon XX was for Clive?

http://www.dudek.eu/images/stories/plik ... -you-1.pdf

It's for someone who is willing to except they need to adopt a different launch technique of less effort and subtle control throughout the takeoff. Confident in their ability and respects how agile the wing is. Otherwise it will come to a sorry end.

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From your description it sounds like more of an advanced wing (like the old Hadron) than an intermediate wing (like the WRC). But I suppose any intermediate wing in a significantly smaller size will handle that way.

All Nucleons are full reflex profile, where as Hadrons are not. Hadron may need some active input from the pilot, hence more experience is needed.

You are right, smaller loaded wings have more dynamic characteristics, and needs to be fully understood and respected. It's not an advanced wing, but you won't get away with old habits if you are not willing or capable of recognising the subtilises of this wing and adapting to suit.

I love flying my Nuc xx, same performance and rock solid feel from a smaller profile. My biggest problem I see is not from the wing, but the mentality of pilots wanting to flying it. It's like a highly turned sports car, it's up to you how you drive it and whether you take it beyond your capabilities.

So, in summery, a great performing sporty wing for a pilot with experience, and confidence

If anyone wants to know more, then give me a call to discus further, and I can introduce to my dealers that have demo wings to try.

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