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Critique this spreadsheet of motor comparisons I made please

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https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

I'm still on the mission to find the best power/weight ratio.

Weights are in lb. Prices are in USD. The Blackhawk prices are the quotes I got from them without a wing and with 8% sales tax added on for people in the US.

It looks like Air Conception absolutely *slaughters* the competition, even when you factor in price?

For example, 41lb for the Titanium Nitro 200cc versus the Parajet Zenith w/ 185cc motor at 57lb. That's a HUGE difference in weight.

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Some thoughts (I'm sure many will disagree with these comments, they are just other things to consider, take them or leave them):

- Don't trust any motor that has been out for less than a year. Because of low volumes, customers end up being the manufacturer's product testers. Manufacturers cannot afford to have 100 engines on the test bench to see what the flaws really are. This has happened on most new motors, regardless of brand.

- Weight is not everything - frame strength also must be considered. If you are just starting out, get something built like a brick sh&^ house. You will save $$ on props and could also save yourself from nasty injuries.

- Repair-ability of frames. Most repairable to least repairable: stainless steel, good quality aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre, bad quality aluminum.

- Spares. Parajet, PAP, Blackhawk, Bailey, Nirvana are well established brands been around for 5+ years. Parajet is probably best availability in UK?

Could also consider the bailey hornet or Miniplane?

Sorry, probably confused your decision even more!

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I notice 1 thing. The weights you show are quoted not actual, need to take some luggage scales to a show.

Zenith Moster was 59.2

Nitro with 16mm titanium frame 42.4

Nitro with 12mm titanium frame 41.6

130cc ultimate race with ti exhaust 39.4

There are others I have weighed.

Look about for photos of weighed machines or just engines. You can work out the rest from that.

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