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Hoping to fly again.

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This is a really interesting and informative forum.

I've been a silent member for some time, recovering from a PG accident in Spain last year when I suffered a badly broken leg. Consequently I will not be able to foot launch in future.

However the idea of a paratrike really appeals to me. If all goes well with my recovery, I will be hoping to train for my licence later in the new year.

Meanwhile I'll keep checking in regularly chaps.


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Welcome :-)

As I am sure you are aware our game is considerably safer than PG. Well done for getting back into flying I say :-)

Your fun receptors are going to love what a trike offers :-)

Keep us in the loop if you would be so kind, costs, course content, and so on as I know there are loads of people interested :-)

Again, welcome to the paramotor club :-)


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